Thursday, January 13, 2011

We wrote the book on Fire safety

Wellllll, we wrote OUR Fire Safety Procedures manual! Thanks to the North American Fire Arts Association (NAFAA) for their fabulous online resources, we have compiled our version of a safety manual. It is basically a run through of the procedures we implement for our various fire performance situations.

We call it: Open Flame Performance :: Standard Operating Procedures.

It contains detailed write-ups of:
-Performer and Crew Responsibilities
-Equipment Specifications
-Performance Space Requirements
-Spotter training notes
-Glossary of terms
-NAFAA checklist for Fire Marshalls
-NAFAA checklist for Fire Performers
-NAFAA fire performance Permit Application
-MSDS sheets for the fuels we use
-Fuel discussion information
-First Aid certifications for performers and crew.

We have worked with our local Fire Department, making them aware of our procedures and fine-tuning our manual with them.

If you are hiring us, you should be aware of our procedures and work with us to create a venue-specific safety plan for your event.

contact Tracey ("Fire Safety info" in the subject line) to find out more:

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