Friday, May 6, 2011

The makings of a NOVA Show

Two dancers climb above the crowd onto small platforms.  Their costumes shimmer as they catch each other's eye, smile, and begin to weave flaming poi in unison, perfectly matched to the music.  They're relaxed and having a great time!

This is what you'll see when NOVA Firespun performance Arts puts on a show, but what goes into creating one of our spectacles?

A typical 20 minute fire dance production will involve hours of troupe practice, in addition to the solo time each dancer takes to master her flaming toys and performance style.
putting together the swords routine
 Although NOVA operates as a consensus-based collective, each member's special skills are called upon to create a pleasing presentation.  Each show will have original costumes and soundtrack to fit the theme of the event.  We're a crafty bunch and enjoy sewing sequins, mixing music and hammering platforms as much as building flaming swords, hoops, staves and even assisting the welder to create our fire fans!

Behind the scenes we work throughout the year to make sure our presentations are safe for all.  By writing and revising our Safety Procedures, working with Spotters and local Fire fighters, maintaining a Fire Safety Kit, we have built a responsible Safety Crew who is looking out for the audience, the venue, and the NOVA Girls.

And behind every one of us is our family.  Our kids who have 'seen it all', our significant others who have lent us tools, trucks and trailers, and listened to all our ideas, as well as our talented friends ~now official Trained Safety Crew/photographers/and babysitters!

Many hands make light work, and since we're 'playing with fire' it is truly a labour of love, warmth, and light!

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