Monday, September 12, 2011

Props to Our Techies!

What makes NOVA shows consistently high quality, safe, and fun?  Having reliable technical support.  Without our techs, we would struggle to meet a safety and structural standard worthy of our audiences and event organizers.

Safety is priority number one for any fire show we do.  A fire show is exciting to behold precisely because of  the element of danger that exists when spinning flaming objects.  It is a multi-sensory experience for the audience (and for us!): the sound of spinning flames, the brilliance of burning light, the smell of the smoke, the feel of the heat....

As with many trained and experienced performers, what we are really offering is the illusion of danger because we strive to make these shows as safe as we possibly can.

We take many precautions to minimize risk.  Most importantly, we have trained safety technicians as our spotters.  They watch for rogue flames, they guard our fuel zone, and they enforce audience security by making sure they stand behind the designated lines.  They help us smother our fire spin props with strategically placed blankets.  They assist in spin prop fuel dipping.  They know the location of extinguishers and how to use them.  They are trained in the event of an emergency.

Knowing we have made every effort to ensure a safe show allows us NOVA dancers to fire spin in confidence and focus on our performance.

We have many people who help us put together our shows.  Construction crews, computer wizards, sound techs, welders, photographers...  We thank you with all our hearts!  We really couldn't do it without all of your skills and support.  And here they are, in no particular order because they are all so equally fabulous...

Kristi Walker
Meghan McMurran
Mike Clark
Owen Embree
Jordan Musto
Lori Miller
Steve Rasmus
Sarah Kerr
Ron Pogue
LeighAnn Vaughn
Doug Murdoch

For some photos of our support crew, please visit our photo page

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